Monday, January 25, 2010

Mortgage executive = toilet cleaner

The same day, former Senderra executive Todd Knight scrambled to add more franchisees to his company that cleans retail stores and day-care centers. His new areas of expertise include stripping and waxing, restroom supplies and construction cleanup. Mr. Knight, 45, says he makes about $180,000 a year, half his peak earnings during a 15-year mortgage career.

"I drive a pickup truck that says 'cleaning' on the side," says Mr. Knight, who left Senderra as its subprime business was slowing. "There were several months where I said: 'I'm cleaning toilets. I used to run 120 people in sales. What have I done here?'


At long last we know the skills we know where the skills of subprime mortgage employees are valuable. I guess after making enough crap they now need to clean it up.

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