Monday, January 18, 2010

Judge Judy and the Credit Bubble

So I watched Judge Judy and the two cases she presided over were:

*One person suing cause they cosigned for a friend's breast enhancement
*One person suing cause their ex girlfriend did not pay back the $4,000 personal loan so she could qualify for a bigger loan on a Mercedes Benz

In case #1 the 20 something girl already had a daughter, was living at home, worked in a coffee shop, and did not have good enough credit to qualify for the plastic surgery loan. Amazingly she did not make one payment on the loan her former friend consigned upon.

In case #2 the boyfriend who makes $24K/year saved $4,000 while not paying his mortgage prior to foreclosure. He then lent it to his 22 year old waitress girlfriend the money so she could qualify for a larger loan on a Mercedes. Amazingly she did not pay him back.

So when you here all the stories about the banks not lending money. Both of these loans were made in 2009. Would you have lent these people money?

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