Saturday, August 22, 2009

Born on the 23rd of August

I have been reading multiple blogs on economics and real estate for a while, sometimes even posting comments.  I have decided to share my opinions.  

I do not have any financial or career goals associated with starting this blog, but rather I am just hoping someone will want to read what I write.  I guess thinking anyone will want to read what I write is rather egotistical, but at this point I am joining the crowd.  

Speaking of joining the crowd that is basically the impetus behind me starting this blog.  In particular the mob mentality that has taken over almost any asset available in the US.  These assets include real estate, commodities, and equities.  I continue to be dumbfounded that in a country has one of the lowest savings rate in the world that "investors" continue to believe that we are moments away from an economic recovery that will increase prices of houses and commodities to levels that can never be afforded.  In short, if anyone believes if you do not buy now you never will be able to should ask themselves, "If no one can pay the higher price, will that higher price ever exist or persist?"

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